so a while ago I found this painful video a dude had made of “TOP TEN HOTTEST FEMALE SONIC CHARACTERS!!!” and it’s just a guy talking about which Sonic characters he wants to pork for like TEN MINUTES

my friend took the audio from that video, trimmed it down, and put it over footage of the actual animals along with some smooth jazz and it is still one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen

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You don’t need drug to have a fun time


You don’t need drug to have a fun time

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Men had no problem violating women’s bodies while they had on corsets, petticoats and farthingales, so what the fuck makes you think a short skirt has anything to do with it? 

Men also have no problem violating women’s bodies while they wear a niqab, hijab and burqa, some of the most covered form of clothing. So basically, what the fuck makes you think clothes have anything to do with it?

Super relevant. 

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  • Girl: come over
  • Me: I don't have a gif detailing my current situation
  • Girl: my parents aren't home
  • Me:

I can’t sleep anyone who is awake snapchat: sofiad23 or kik: sofied23 me please



I love the DIY ethics of punk. You wanna be in a band but have no musical ability? You wanna put on shows but have no money? Wanna make a zine but you have no writing ability? Wanna draw but you can’t draw? Go do it, do what you want to do, the scene is full of people who don’t meet societies standards, we don’t need to be up to societies standards. Doing things is good, so do things! People that do things inspire other people to do things!


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i just wanna cuddle naked with you and see who gives in first tbh

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